A Positive Peer-Learning Community

We carry the vision of inculcating the culture of programming and development in our institute and beyond.We aims to establish a coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding. The club's motto is to CREATE-BUILD-INNOVATE.

Coding club provides you the following courses:

  • Basic coding for C,CPP,Java, Python
  • Full stack development
  • App development
  • Machine learning
  • UI/UX graphic design
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics


Coding teaches you how to think. During the coding process, you need to give a solution to an issue that involves intensive problem-solving skills. It trains your brain to think deeply, identify the troubles, and break things up, then put the pieces together with a solution.


  • 30 day Coding Challenge
  • Treasure Hunt on programming
  • Technical quizes
  • n-days coding challenge
  • Internships
  • Black-Box testing

We Welcome you all to use this club's opportunity to ace your technical skills and develop your analytical thinking.


Brace yourself with your word knowledge to learn and have fun with english!

The English club is what makes for a vibrant campus experience,taking learning beyond the classroom.the purpose of the club is to improve english skills and to built confidence among the members.It provides a platform to improve their communication skills.It aims to provide students wwith more exposure to English through an English language environment that will familiarize students with various language skills and functions.


  • provides a platform to take practice in spoken english by participating in the activities.

  • It creates a enjoyable and tense free environment for students to speak in english.

  • Help students get general proficiency in English and Industry specific language skills.


  • conduct competitions like JAM,debate,elocution,essay writing etc and give prizes.
  • provides students with useful books and material on language and literature.
  • arrange motivation lectures.


The AU Sports Club mission is to provide students with a unique opportunity to develop sporting and leadership opportunities, organizational and fiscal management skills in a fun and safe sporting environment where participants can build a sense of community and camaraderie.

Throughout the year we conduct a series of indoor and outdoor sporting events . Our students practice a culture of participating in various sporting events all throughout the state, and they manifest the values they acquire from sporting activities throughout their stay in the institution and beyond.

  • Objective

    • It aims to gather an all-round development amongst students not only by motivating the best extra-curricular potentials in them, but also by building a companionship amongst all college department.
  • Activities

    • Club shall conduct indoor activities like carroms,chess,8 ball pool.
    • Club shall conduct outdoor activities like Kho-kho,Badminton,volleyball,throw ball,basketball,cricket,shot-put,kabaddi.
    • The club shall conduct workshops/seminars/talks pertaining to sports once every quarter (minimum of 4 per year). These workshops will be conducted preferably on non-working days/hours of the college
    • The club encourages students from our college to participate in events of other colleges ,viceversa.

Au cultural club


    1. 1.About Us:
      1. An entire set of activities is organized by AU-united dance club to unleash the talent from student.Participation in cultural activities results in enhancement of the personal skills and experiences like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork,communication skills,ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.

    2. 2.AU Dance Club Structure:

      • 1.club president:
      • Jennie.
      • contact details:9823xxxxx.
      • 2.Dance Club Head Members:
      • Arjun.
      • contact details:879xxxxx.

    3. 3.List of activities in Dance club:

      • Classical Dance Competition
      • Fusion Dance Competitions

    4. 4.The objectives of the dance club are:

      • There is abundance of cultural talent in the college premises and the Dance club provides platform for those talents to flourish.
      • Promote opportunities for everyone to experience culture,and to develop their creative abilities.
      • Promote quality and artistic renewal.

    5. 5.To join the club follow:

      • instagaram page:audanceclub
      • facebook page :audanceofficial
      • AUunited dance club

    Au Arts club

    Arts club is a space where you can unwind,explore different artistic resources and materials. With Art club we can join the community of people who want to explore art outside of classes or departments or just need a space to relax and connect with others.


    • To encourage the students in various activities
    • To help the students develop their leadership abilities.
    • To improve imagination skills in arts club


    • Host an open studio where art club members can bring a friend.
    • Pumpkin carving contest or a gingerbread house contest.
    • Make homemade sketchbooks.
    • Hold a trashion challenge and ideas.

    We Welcome you all to use this club's opportunity to ace your creativity skills and develop your designing thinking.